Sunday, 10 January 2010

Nick J is killing me!

Oh Nick J, how we adore you. Every single thing you do, it's actually driving me insane. I am SO jealous of people who are going to his shows. That crowd on stage with him was crazy. His cover of every song is perfection. I'm in love with them all; Fireflies, Use Somebody, Signed Sealed Delivered, Catch Me, Empire State of Mind, the list goes on. I love his new song Stay! So gutted it won't be on the album. I'm going to sneak this in but it's totally about Selena. Let's not kid ourselves here. Haha. Can I also mention how good he looks with glasses? Um, please wear them more often? Thanks. And the joke book! Such love. He is seriously my current obsession. I look forward to reading all the details about every concert and seeing the photos every day. I don't think I would ever get sick of it.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Nick and Selena. The real deal?

Ok, these "Nelena" rumours are killing me. I NEED TO KNOW NOW. So now they're following each other on twitter and apparently met up in Texas over the holidays, could it be? I really like them together but I thought Selena was so over Nick after their break up? All I remember is Selena going on and on about how she changed for a guy and her friends and family warned her about him but she was too in love, blah blah blah. What happened? I don't understand. Just to put it out there, I'm a Selena fan but I just didn't understand how she changed. I didn't notice a change. In fact, her tweets changed because for a while (and sometimes still now) they're just links to what she has said on facebook which I dislike. BUT she did tweet a Nick quote: "2010...the year of no fear." after his show so here's to hoping something will happen...or at least they'll become close friends. Fingers crossed!

JB vs JB

The JB debate is heating up the twitter world. It seems like Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber fans are battling it out to be the number 1 trending topic but is it just me, or is Justin Bieber ALWAYS up there? Just for no apparent reason at all. Even though I'm personally not a fan, I have to admit his fans are pretty hardcore and his music is pretty darn catchy. Plus, he has the help of Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez to help promote him. Hmmm. But no matter what, the Jonas Brothers will always be the original JB. I'm in awe of everything they do, just waiting for more videos like Bounce! Who isn't? They're funny, good looking and musicians! What more could you ask for? Also, what is this Justin is hot thing? I'm sorry but there is a difference between hot and cute. I would classify Justin as cute but definitely not hot. Give it a few more years and then we can talk but maybe I'm just biased because I'm seventeen. Ha, we'll see!