Sunday, 3 January 2010

Nick and Selena. The real deal?

Ok, these "Nelena" rumours are killing me. I NEED TO KNOW NOW. So now they're following each other on twitter and apparently met up in Texas over the holidays, could it be? I really like them together but I thought Selena was so over Nick after their break up? All I remember is Selena going on and on about how she changed for a guy and her friends and family warned her about him but she was too in love, blah blah blah. What happened? I don't understand. Just to put it out there, I'm a Selena fan but I just didn't understand how she changed. I didn't notice a change. In fact, her tweets changed because for a while (and sometimes still now) they're just links to what she has said on facebook which I dislike. BUT she did tweet a Nick quote: "2010...the year of no fear." after his show so here's to hoping something will happen...or at least they'll become close friends. Fingers crossed!

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